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omega replica has a reputation for creating complex and beautiful watches. Not too long ago, we swooned unabashedly over the Twin Beat while filming our extensive coverage of SIHH 2019 on the ground.

The maison has proven time and again that they are also able to make exceptional,omega replica simple timepieces, which is perhaps the hardest feat. What could you possibly do with a simple time-only wristwatch that would make collectors and journalists sigh collectively in admiration? There are already a million "classic-looking" three-handers.

Let's switch things up and briefly discuss platinum, which is considered to be one of the most revered metals in watchmaking. The material platinum is more difficult to work with than white gold. The reason is that platinum has a much lower malleability than white gold. It's harder to work with platinum without it cracking compared to white. It takes longer to shape the material, which leads to higher costs.

Platinum is harder than white gold. It's also more stable in high temperatures, and more dense than white gold. This is why, when you hold a white precious metal timepiece in your hands,patek philippe replica watches you can tell that it's a platinum variant. It's because the weight feels different. The metals used to make platinum alloys give it a natural luster. This luster doesn't fade over time like white gold.

You'll see this a lot, as well. Watchmakers stamp the platinum case of their watches with "Pt", followed by 3 numbers. The number indicates the purity of the platinum in the case. Pt is the chemical symbol for the metal element. Take for example: Pt950. The 950 indicates that the case contains 95% platinum. Platinum is usually used in alloys with iridium and ruthenium.

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